Monday, April 21, 2014

Liebster Award!

The wonderful Kami-Koneko of Castle In The Skies & Time to Spare nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award-Thanks Kami-Koneko. Please click the links above to go to Kami-Koneko's Blogs. The Liebster Award is a "Pay It Forward" like format created to bring awareness to blogs that have less than 300 followers. I'm only to happy to participate in this as there are so many talented bloggers out there who deserve recognition.I have gotten so much inspiration and encouragement from my fellow bloggers. So here goes I am passing this on.
Kami-Koneko's question's for me are:
1-When did I fall in love with crafts?
    When I was a very young child before I even started school.
2-What is your favorite style?
     Outside the box.
3-What do you drink/snack on while crafting?
     Coco & Chocolate. What can I say I'm a Chocoholic!
4-What brings back your Mojo if its gone?
     In the summer I just walk around my yard and look at all my wonderfully bright and beautiful       flowers. I am a perennial Flower gardener. In the winter I walk around my kitchen which  I have decorated with my pictures of my flowers. I love to take photographs of flowers and animals in nature.
5-What is your biggest sin? (In a crafting-store, what can you not pass, over?)
     Paper and stick on gems.
6-What is your fav crafting supplies or brands?
     Stick on gems or anything with BLING! No favorite brands, I'll take any I can get. I live in the great white North with no craft stores.
7-What is your go-to store?
     Joannes & Hobby Lobby, Michaels when I can get out of town to get to one, as they are 1hr. to 4 hrs. away.
8-Do you have any inspirational place in the world? That you visit, or if you live there:)
    Lake superior-I see it from the window at work every day and it is beautiful. Also my flower gardens.
9-What music or movies do you like to craft to?
    Classic Rock & Roll
10-Your colors of Choice? (over used, but ohh so fun to ask!)
      Lime Green & Pink or Red, Black & White
11-All time favorite Designer Paper/Pad?
      They are all my favorite.
I am nominating:
1-Lisa of Pinky Lisa's Inky Crafts
2-Rachel of Will Work For Promarkers
3-Mo of Handmade By Maureen-A Blog!
4-Lorraine of Creative Card Craft
5-Jo of a Little Piece of Me
 My questions for them are:
1-What is your favorite type of card to make?
2-What tool can you not live without?
3-Do you have your own craft room or space?
4-Do you only make cards or do you make other types of papercrafts?
5-What has been your biggest crafting achievment?
6-What is your favorite craft store?
7-What is your favorite color to craft with?
8-Where do you get your inspiration from?
9-Do you work outside the home?
10-What do you do if you lose your Mojo?
11-Which is your favorite Digi Stamp?
Now ladies it's your turn to pick 5 blogs and pose your own question's. Happy Blogging.

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  1. Oh Penny!! That's awesome! Congrats on your Leibster! I shall be working on my questions and will post later today if not tomorrow! Hugs, mo xxx