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Trinket/Goody Box Gift Card Tutorial

This is a cute little trinket/goodie box card for any occasion where you want to give just a little something.  Can be used for candy, found items (shells, stones etc), or jewelry.

Supplies Needed
4 matchboxes or 4 small boxes with drawers (My matchboxes were 2"long X 1 5/16"Wide X 5/16"High)
Solid Color Cardstock
Patterened Coordinating Papers
Brads to use as drawer pulls
Glue, double-sided tape or adhesive of choice
Sentiments of choice-sticky, rub on, or homemade
Embellishments of choice

Step 1-Collect all supplies together
Step 2- Measure and cover circumference of each matchbox with paper of choice.(On my example I used a Blue patterned paper with leaves and flowers by The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady. This is where you can use scraps of paper if you wish and just cover from halfway across top around to halfway across bottom, as only one edge of matchbox will show. Pull out each drawer from box and measure 1 end and layer with paper or papers of choice. Poke a small hole in center of covered end and insert a matching decorative brad as a drawer pull. (I used a small green brad) Be sure to use a brad that sticks out a little, so you can pull the drawer out with it. Measure and line the bottom of each box with a matching piece of card-stock. (Good place to use scraps)
Step 3-Take the 4 boxes an position them so each box faces in a different direction (covered side out). You will have 1 drawer end and 1 long-side of a box on each side. Push them together to make a square with a drawer facing out on each side.
Measure and cut a piece of card-stock the size of your square formed by the 4 boxes. Mount and adhere with adhesive of choice, the 4 boxes to the piece of square card as you have them positioned together. This forms the base of your card.
Step 4-Now you will make a small easel card to sit on top of your card base. Cut a piece of coordinating card-stock double the length and same width as your card base. Score and fold this piece of card in half lengthwise to form a card. Score and fold top half of card in half again to form easel.Now you have the base of your easel card.
Step 5-Lets decorate our easel card. Cut a piece of card-stock measuring the same with and length of Square box card base. (This will be the easel part of your card). Decorate this piece of card as you wish. ( In my example I layered blue printed paper, dark blue paper and a butterfly print.) Adhere this to the bottom half of your easel card base. (Adhere only the bottom half of Card front to the easel base.)
Step 6-On inside of Easel card adhere something dimensional to use as a stopper for your Easel(I used a dimensional sticker with the words with thanks). Add any other embellishments you choose. Adhere easel card to card base with drawers. Your card is now finished.
 Step 7-Make a small box out of coordinating card-stock & decorate to match to use in place of envelope.

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