Saturday, February 16, 2013

Zentangle Class

2/16/13-I taught an Basic Zentangle Class in Curtis, MI at the Erickson Center for the Arts.

I had 10 very wonderfull ladies in my class, and everyone had a great time.  As you can see by the 3 photo's below, they all picked up on the tangling method very well.  The gentleman in the photo's was from the Newberry News and he was observing the class, talking to the ladies and myself for an article to appear it the paper in the near future.

This next picture is a group picture of all their first tiles. As you can see they each had their own style and spin on the directions so no 2 tiles are exactly alike.  We had one lady who likes to color and she brought her own stuff to color with and started right in adding color. The tangles used were:
1.-Crescent Moon
This next photo is of their second tile and the patterns used were:
Thanks to the Erickson Center for the Arts for sponsoring my class, and to all the very talented and lovely ladies who participated in the class.  I look forward to going back to Curtis to continue our journey with tangling with these ladies and others in the future.

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