Saturday, October 27, 2012

The begining of my Zentangle Journey.

     I've only been doing Zentangle since July 2012. I am a very fast learner. I've become quite addicted to it.  I first heard about Zentangle from an add in a magazine. I was curious so I started searching and I pretty much taught myself how to Tangle. I've always been pretty good at reading and figuring out how to do something on my own.
     I finally got the chance in October 2012 to take a class from a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher). I had a lot of fun and even tho it was a beginning class I still learned a few things. I would highly recommend taking a class. I've always been very artistic. I've drawn since I was a child so Zentangle comes natural to me.
Across the top of this page are tabs to my pages on which I post my submissions to the Dares and challenges and my Squidoo Pages. On the left of this page are links to Challenges, Dares, where you can go if you wish to get in on them and on the right are some slideshows of my Zentangles .

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